Make Mothers Matter advocates and campaigns to improve mother's lives and to ensure that their voices are heard.  MMM voice is strong because despite the diversity of circumstances and cultures, mothers around the world have a lot in common.

Advocacy is the work we do to influence policies and actions at national and local levels and also with international institutions (UN and EU), in order to achieve positive changes in mother’s lives. We believe this will revert on the family and the whole of society.

Through our member associations  around the world we are aware of what mothers want and we convey it to decision makers.

It can be focused on promoting policy changes and environment improvements.

Raising awareness through advocacy includes research, policy analysis, communication and public campaigning.

MMM representatives advocate women empowerment and education, promotion of the mothers’ role, defense of mothers and children’s rights and best interests, recognition of unpaid family care work, reconciliation between work and family life, maternal health and fight against poverty.

Where are doing advocacy at international level?

-       The EUROPEAN UNION in  Brussels

-       The UNITED NATIONS in Geneva, New York and  Vienna,

-       The UNESCO in Paris

For more information on our work, please go to the dedicated pages clicking on the links.


2015_11 "It is us, mothers and fathers who can counteract this rising violence and all form of radicalisation"

In the face of violence and extremism, MMM wishes to join with MMM France to promote the positive benefit  of mixing with people of all backgrounds and to support parents in educating their children in understanding a respect for others (read more)


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