Geneviève d'ArcyGeneviève d'ArcyDuring the Second World War, women took on many responsibilities. Thus, aware of their primary role in conveying the underlying principles of peace, they wished to continue contributing to the economic and social developments in their countries.


In the World Movement of Mothers archives, many documents reveal the vision and energy deployed by mothers in their involvement in the peace building process. Through its newsletters and questionnaires a huge network of members was established. 

1947: the UFCS organised an international congress at UNESCO, its theme was ”Mothers Work for Human Progress”. The MMM (World Movement of Mothers/Mouvement Mondial des Mères) was set up and the  Mother's Charter  was endorsed.Unesco 1947Unesco 1947

1949: The World Movement for Mothers was granted Consultative Status at UN, allowing mothers’ opinions to be heard at an international level.
This status gave the MMM the right of representation and consultation within the UN and its agencies (UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, ILO and FAO).Thus, the MMM was permitted to back actions within the UN and its agencies and assert its influence in the drafting of certain international conventions.
The MMM regularly organises international congresses to impart mothers concerns on present day social issues.

1994: The MMM received the ‘international Year for the Family’ award.
1999: The 50th anniversary of the MMM was celebrated at the UNESCO, its theme being ”The Economic and Social Dynamics of a Mother’s work.”   
2003: The MMM organised, in Lebanon, a conference on the “Role of Mothers in Building Peace and Security.”

Unesco 1000 mères pour la paix1000 Mothers for Peace2004:  The MMM organised two NATO-funded scientific research workshops in the Slovak Republic and Moldavia.
The MMM is granted  General Consultative Status

2007: UNESCO Paris – 60th Anniversary Congress “Mothers Work for Peace”
2008: Oxford: Study conference: "A secure society for the 21st century- Why mothers
2013: Mouvement Mondial des Mères becomes Make Mothers Matter



MMM Presidents

2014: Anne-Claire de Liedekerke

2008-2014:  Florence von Erb

2000-2008: Jill Donnelly

1994-2000: Françoise de Bellefroid

1986-1994: Marie-Louise Beck

1983-1986: Geneviève Colbos

1980-1983: Monique de Vaublanc

1953-1980: Irène Mançaux

1951-1953: Germaine Peyroles

1947-1951: Geneviève d'Arcy



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