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Grassroot work

MMM brings together and coordinates a network of member associations  acting at grass root level.
MMM France - ateliers
MMM Belgium - workshops

2016_10 MMM and AJAD help more than 100 children break away from their underground life in the Ivory Coast!

In October 20th, more than 100 "Ghost children" from the Songon Region in the Ivory Coast have received a birth certificate. Thanks to a partnership  between MMM and its member association AJAD, these children now have a legal status and have the opportunity to access education among other things.

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2015_03_Kisany: success-story in Democratic Republic of Congo

Kisany, member of Make Mothers Matter in DRC is changing the lifes of African women in great poverty: 

Kisany develops its network through Europe with the help of well-known trademarks like Libeco and Sisley . This huge wave of North-South solidarity offers the East African embroiderers a new meaning to their lives. They regain day by day, stiches after stiches hope and dignity reaching over thousand people
28 families own their house, 45 women benefit from healthcare checks and access to family planning,  100 women are  paid a regular  wage  thanks to their embroderies, 300  children are attending school.

2013 October, OTITSARA, Madagascar

OTITSARA, an association that matches Make Mothers Matter's missions and actions...

Aliette Abraham, president of OTITSARA links the work of Make Mothers Matter at the UN with the work of OTITSARA and the realities of motherhood in Madagascar more... 

OTITSARA more...

Grassroot works

Through our national MMMs , delegations and members :

  • MMMFrance : Its mission is  to voice french mother's challenges to french policy makers, to organize workshops and to deliver information to mothers.

  • MMMEuropean Delegation : Its mission is  to voice European mother's challenges to European policy makers

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