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2017_03 MMM speaks at CSW61 Side-Event on the need to recognize unpaid family care work as valuable work

MMM was invited to speak at a Side-Event to the 61st UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) organized on 15 March at the UN headquarters in New York by Switzerland on 

“Care policies in the Agenda 2030:
Advancing the Triple R framework to Recognize, Reduce and Redistribute unpaid care work”. 

2017 03 CSW CH SE UCW Room view


In its Statement on regognizing mothers' role, MMM focussed on 2 main points, recognizing unpaid family care work as work, and recognizing unpaid family care work as valuable work, and provided recommendations on each of these 2 points. 


The issue of Unpaid Care Work is gaining increasing visibility at the international level as one of the main structural barrier to Women's Economic Empowerment and the realization of women's rights. It was on the Commission's agenda and discussed and mentioned in many if not most its paralel and side-events. 

ico pdf SE Concept Note (document of Switerland)

ico pdf Side-event Flyer

ico pdf MMM Statement

See also MMM Written Statement to CSW61


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