2017/11/20 International Children’s Day: Over 30,000 stateless children in Daesh deserve a future

1712 Enfants d Irak

On this International Day of the Rights of the Child, Make Mothers Matter (MMM) and the mothers it represents all over the world urge the governments of 25 countries where mothers cannot pass their nationality to their children to change their legislation. It is time to end child statelessness by registering all births to ensure equal rights to all children

31,000 women who were pregnant under Daesh are now mothers to children who find themselves without valid documents and on the brink of statelessness. The UNHCR reports that already 130,000 persons are stateless in Iraq, specifying that the most vulnerable are the children of Iraqi mothers and non-national fathers.

Therefore, in accordance with Article 7 of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on birth registration, we urge the Iraqi government to register the births of this new generation of stateless children in order eliminate the institutional violence and discrimination.

ico pdf declaration


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